Intelligent Technology Solutions

Our Philosophy

We, at TMM Automation, aim to create high-end intelligent technology solutions for your business. Our mission is to provide the solution which will boost the company’s efficiency, while reducing costs. 

Our vision is to deliver art technologies that will assist people in their daily routine tasks – once optimising time efficiency,  society will be able to redirect its efforts to increase its creativity. 

True to our motto
“every inventive idea should have its shot, and every creative visionary should have its moment” we are confident that together, we can do everything and even more!

Industry Solutions

We are proudly presenting solutions which might influence company’s operations and make its workflow more efficient.

We specialize in the following areas where smart technologies may help to complete menial tasks quicker and allow employees to increase their productivity.

Robot Butler


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Interactive Robot


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BellBot Robot

Restaurants & Catering

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KettyBot Robots

Catering & Marketing

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GOGO Robot Butler

Vending Machine

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We Have the Right Solution!

We know the secrets of intelligent efficiency

During our fruitful years of working with our clients we have received rich and important experience.

We are committed to improve people’s life by integrating intelligent technology and make their workflow more efficient. 

Our Features

During our work we have developed our main features and values helping to provide you the right intelligent technology solution in order to achieve your business goals.

Attention to Details

We know it’s crucial to take into consideration all the details as one of them may be the key to the whole project.

Installation in EU

We do provide Installation services to all our robots within the EU territory

Team Work

We work closely as a team helping each other on every stage of the project.

24/7 Support

We know how important support is and for that reason we provide our clients with 24/7 Remote Support within EU.


Our long-term experience shows higher outputs of our mentees and their business projects.


Client's success is our main work direction and all our efforts are concentrated in guiding and helping them.


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